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recovery, prevent injury, and reduce travel fatigue

Why Boost

Sleeprate solutions use proprietary AI algorithms, developed based on thousands of nights of elite athlete sleep data. Offering athletes tools to improve their sleep, and offering coaches and physician a user-friendly dashboard to view athlete readiness at a glance. Easily analyze, monitor, and assess athlete's sleep-based training readiness to improve results and reduce injuries.

Based on thousands of nights

of elite athlete data.

Sleep-based training readiness: Manage training load for the team at a glance

Advanced recovery metrics: Gold standard metrics in easy to view trends

Give athletes the tools to tackle stress and fall asleep easily

Avoid damaging fatigue accumulation by using Boost's travel and jet lag tools

Baseline evaluation and expert sleep consultation at a glance

Used by coaches, physiologists, sports medicine experts, and athletes.

Boost Sleep Solutions

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Olympic Teams, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Wingate Institute, AETNA, and Philips

Jan 23, 2018

Join Olympic winners, professional basketball teams, and leading athletes around the world who have embraced the 'Boost - Sleep for Performance' solutions.

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