Over 139 Olympic medals won while benefiting from Sleeprate solutions

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Over 139 Olympic medals won while benefiting from Sleeprate solutions

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Scalable digital sleep solutions for better days, health, and well-being


Trusted by:

Aetna, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Garmin, Israel Olympic Committee, Stanford University, MIT, University of IOWA

4 Steps to improved sleep and well-being for your enterprise

Email blast, branded card, and integration with an existing wellness platform.

Easy distribution

Enterprise branded onboarding

Fully integrated in the CBTi mobile application.

Customized CBTi application with proven results

In just 4 to 12 weeks, users fall asleep faster and sleep soundly.

Efficacy reports

Get valuable insights into how better sleep improves your enterprise’s results.

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Winner of the "National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions Award"

Presenteeism lowered by 49% *

4.8 healthy days/month added per user *

Part of the "SmartSleep" Philips ecosystem

Proprietary AI algorithms and software

Individually customized e-coaching based on gold-standard CBTi principles

Sleep tracking supports a variety of popular wearables: our approach is Bring Your Own Device, or subjective sleep diaries only

Smart sleep-related Training Readiness provided daily for sports teams, to optimize training loads

The most comprehensive sleep improvement program available today

Developed by sleep experts with decades of research and clinical practice

Content exclusively licensed from Stanford University followed by ongoing collaboration

Over 40 million analyzed sleep hours allowing to provide data driven solutions


Benefits of Sleeprate’s solutions

*A Baharav, K Niejadlik, 0410 Impact of Digital Monitoring, Assessment, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Subjective Sleep Quality, Workplace Productivity and Health Related Quality of Life, Sleep, Volume 41, Issue suppl_1, April 2018, Page A156

Leading Olympic teams sought out Sleeprate’s technology.

Sleep based training readiness developed with team head physiologist and professional staff.

Prototype received unprecedented results in the Rio Olympics.

Boost, based on thousands of nights of elite athlete data, developed with AI sleep

based training readiness technology.

Boost Dashboard used by coaches and physiologists, to provide data based insight, for Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Boost adopted by Maccabi Tel Aviv, first Euro League team to use sleep technology.

Live sleep and readiness monitoring

Telesleep care, dashboard solutions

Clinical study sleep support

Boost sleep solutions for professional athletic teams

The leading SaaS sleep platform

Provides product modules meeting the needs of your enterprise

"I knew I needed to do something different. But Sleeprate wasn't super involved or complicated. The changes were easy to make because they were incremental.

I hope I can continue to use it."

Julie G.

From USA

Success stories

"I just couldn't get my sleep back until now.

And now I do soundly!

Thank you so very much for the research and the app."

Lori, F.

From USA

"Sleeprate’s valuable data and insights help me know when I’ve recovered, and enables my coach to give me the right training for that specific day."

Diana, V.

From Israel
Professional Athlete

In the News

Mobi health news :

Maccabi Tel Aviv’s fitness and conditioning coach Regev Fanan, said: ” Sleeprate’s development is a milestone in understanding a player’s health and physical condition.”

“American speed skaters have also been using Sleeprate, If an athlete isn’t getting enough deep sleep, coaches will back off from training and prescribe rest. It seems to be working: since skater Mia Manganello began using the device last year, she says her training has improved, allowing her to tie a U.S. record in the 3,000-meter event.”

“apps such as Sleeprate, is used by swimmers Michael Phelps and Allison Schmitt — debunks the myth that eight hours in bed equates to eight hours of quality sleep”

Recovery is everything to an athlete.

Join Olympic winners, and leading teams who have found Boost insights vital in reducing injuries and optimizing performance.

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Sleeprate is based on medical,

FDA approved, sleep analysis technology.

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